The following is a guide to choosing which size of jumps to purchase- Mini-Jumps or Mini-jumps MAX. Every child is different, but by taking a few moments to read through this page you should be able to make an informed decision, or please do not hesitate to email or call for assistance.

The first thing is, don’t be too influenced by how high a child can jump a single obstacle approached from a standing start at an angle, such as a high jump. Sequential jumps, straight ahead and whilst moving around a small course repeatedly, changes a child’s height capability considerably.

Mini-Jumps for children aged 4 to 9 Years
For children between approximately 4 and 9 we recommend the normal Mini-Jumps. They are fully adjustable from just a few centimeters to 65cm high. They are light and maneuverable enough that smaller children can easily put them out and put them away when they have finished without adult assistance. Importantly, children tend to start with the crossbar on the highest setting and move it down until they succeed in jumping it rather than starting at the bottom and working up. Too large a jump can be frustrating as they may have to move it a long way down before they can leap it. They are also cheaper than the Max versions and for entertainment value, three jumps are better than two! We also find that as children get older they add to their courses with MAX jumps too, but keep the Mini’s, just like a real show-jumping course.

Mini-Jumps MAX for children aged 9 to 14 Years
For children 9 years and up, or those who are particularly high jumpers, the Mini-Jumps MAX is a better option. They are 90cm high and have wider crossbars to give plenty of clearance. It is a real challenge leaping over 90cm in the air as part of a course and older children love them. Younger children in the family can play too, because the MAX crossbars can be lowered to the same minimum height as the normal Mini-Jumps.

Whilst we have been asked for a higher jump in the past (and in special cases can custom make any size for you) our research has led us to advise that we DO NOT RECOMMEND JUMPS HIGHER THAN 91cm WITHOUT THE USE OF A CRASH MAT or other impact softening device. This is why we restrict Mini-Jumps MAX to just over 90cm so that it can be used safely without special equipment. Believe us, it is usually plenty big enough.

Height upgrade kit: Mini to Max Pro
As your children get older and gain jumping expertise, inevitably they will want some Max jumps to replace their MINI’s. This is not always necessary for two reasons: Building a course of small and large jumps works really well and after all, reflects a real show-jumping course. Therefore adding some Max jumps to your set can be more rewarding than replacing them. However if you are sure you would like to change from Mini to MAX childrens jumps then we have introduced a Mini to MAX upgrade kit available for a much lower cost than a Max jump. We recommend these are purchased with the wider MAX crossbars to complete the upgrade.

All sizes are nominal and may change to suit economies of production or shipping.