You may have been directed to this site by your own research or perhaps by an eager child with an eye to their Christmas or Birthday present! Whatever route you arrived here, welcome and please let us explain a few things that will hopefully be informative...

Mini-Jumps come in two sizes to suit different ages of jumpers (more details on the ‘Which size to choose?’ page. What is not obvious is that the width of the jumps is designed to work within the average hallway so that even in poor weather the fun can continue. We don’t promote this too strongly because we feel the suggestion of indoor use best comes from a parent - so that Ming vase can be moved to safety prior to commencement of action!

If playing with your Mini-Jumps indoors make sure you have enough room to land and don’t jump onto slippery floors!

Don’t set up your Mini-Jumps near obstacles such as ponds, trees or walls that you might stumble into if you loose your footing!

Mini-Jumps are designed from scratch to be childrens play jumps, they are fit for purpose and you can be assured they are as safe in the hands of your children as we can make them. They are not a modified real horse jump or adapted football training tools. Even so, we recommend supervision in use and running through the instructions printed on each box with your child. They are in both a graphical and written form.

Two key points to bring to your attention are:

  • When used on a patio, please ensure the landing phase of the game is nowhere near a patio or other external door.

  • When used indoors, slippery and/or polished floors are not recommended.

Whilst the jumps are storm proof we recommend they are put away after each game. If components are left out over winter the grass tends to grow over them and they are then ‘discovered’ by the mower in the spring. Trust us, we speak from experience.

Whilst highly entertaining for a single user, you will also find that your child becomes the centre of a new social group as Mini-Jumps gymkhanas become a feature of your garden, so be prepared.

Finally, we know Mini-Jumps are a significant investment, but many of our users get pleasure from growing their course over several birthdays or Christmasses rather than buying a huge set all at once. There are also accessories that Gran and Grandad might like to buy later on, so a set can grow at reasonable cost.

What we can assure you is that you will be buying into one of the longest lasting adventures your child will enjoy - don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the genuine testimonials left by our customers on this website.

Your Mini-Jumps are weather proof but we recommend putting them away after use. It stops them being tripped over, chewed by pets or the lawnmower mowing them!