Mini-jumps are a simple concept, yet hide many years of evolution to optimise the product. They include a number of subtle yet important features which are not obvious at first glance...

The base is large and heavy enough to ensure the jump does not tip over too easily, but light enough that even small children can carry them from storage and set them up without difficulty.

The shape was developed so an upright can fall easily if it comes into collision with a child, yet remain stable in use. The base is narrower than it is wide to promote the upright falling sideways and therefore away from any likely impact in intended use.

The crossbars are hollow and very lightweight so they don’t inflict injury to legs if knocked off their rest, yet can withstand high impact levels. They dislodge at the slightest knock if the user doesn't quite make make it over the jump, yet are held into a rebate that prevents them blowing off in a wind.

The crossbars are designed to crush if a jumper accidentally lands directly on them on the ground, rather than roll under their feet, potentially causing injury. The end caps aid safety as little boys are prone to use them as ‘lightsabres’ (which of course we do not condone, but boys will be boys!) and also stop spiders hiding in the tubes!
The rests for the crossbars can be moved easily by even small children without risk of injury to trapped fingers. The rests will support the weight of the crossbars, but are engineered to slide downwards if a child lands directly on top of the bar, pushing it down and away from their body.

Mini-Jumps are manufactured from self-coloured special plastic mouldings, with applicable parts being made from food hygiene standard materials. Unlike wood based products they are therefore impervious to splinters and do not have a surface coating of paint which can contaminate clothing.

Mini-jumps deep base ensures stability but narrow width means it falls easily away if impacted by jumper.

The light but rigid crossbars displace easily if bumped from any direction and are easily refitted by even the smallest hands.

Caps protect the ends of the crossbars from hurting the jumper in the event of striking them (and also stop spiders getting in if you leave them outside)

If a jumper accidently lands astride the crossbars, the rests slide down and away from them, minimising risk of injury.

The crossbars are designed to crush if a jumper accidently lands directly on them, preventing a roll hazard.