Mini-jumps are like horse show-jumps, but for kids and pets! They are designed to give your children hours of safe fun whilst encouraging fresh air, exercise and healthy competition. Our original jumps were launched in 2006 and were an instant hit. Then, in 2011 we introduced the heavily enhanced replacement, the Mini-Jumps ‘Pro’. Designed to answer all the requirements our users (and their parents) were asking for, they incorporate all the feedback and development of the previous years.

They are made from very tough plastic to provide the durability, safety and weather resistance we wanted to achieve whilst keeping the product cost reasonable. The jumps work if jumped in either direction and the crossbar height is infinitely adjustable quickly, even by little hands. The crossbars are very light so they dislodge from the cups easily if struck and a whole jump set can be set up or put away in the corner of a shed in a few moments without adult intervention. They also tuck neatly into a corner of a car boot for holidays.

Fundamentally, we have never lost sight of the priority ingredient - safety. Mini-Jumps incorporate many features not obvious at first and these are detailed on the ‘Safety Features’ page.

Mini-Jumps will engage your child’s interest for years and that is why we build them tough. We have customers who come back and top up and extend their courses every year. Mini-Jumps are the one thing where children don’t mind ‘hand-me-downs’!

You can order securely on this website, or call or email us and we’d love to help.

You can find out why Mini-jumps are the size they are and which ones to choose on the ‘Which Size’ page.

The light but rigid crossbars displace easily if bumped into from either direction - avoiding injury.

For extra stability on rough terrain or in strong winds, the base can be filled with sand (best) or water (temporary fix).

*Mini-Jumps are weather proof but we recommend putting them away after use. It stops them being accidentally mowed in the long grass!

The crossbar rests are infinitely adjustable for height. Just squeeze the arms together and slide them to the desired position.