Tripping over something is not a traditional way to start a business, but in 2005 my husband tripped (for the umpteenth time) over a broom placed across a doorway that our daughter had put up to jump over. Concerned for her wellbeing as well as his own(!) he sat down to sketch a better solution. Being a designer by trade and even having a couple of patents to his name, the creative juices flowed and a design formed in his notebook. That’s where it stayed until the spring and the first cut of the lawn. He ran over a rake with the mower that was disguised in the long grass and decided this was all getting too dangerous and expensive. The sketch became a computer aided design file and a set of jumps were machined and presented to a very happy daughter.

Imagine the spinning clock on the wall as a year passed and we realised that not only were the jumps still being played with on a very regular basis, but that a lot of Pony Club friends came to the house to play too.

Tested and productionised, we launched Mini-Jumps in 2006 and immediately Horse & Hound magazine kindly placed them number 2 on their ‘Top 20 horsey gifts for kids’ (Number 1 was a babygro with furry horsey ears, we were never going to beat that...)

It was a great start and yet, as success continued, above all we kept one simple philosophy at the forefront of our minds:

Healthy exercise for children that is fun, safe and accessible.

It is thanks to valuble feedback from our wonderful users and our own development work that our products have maintained their position as the best there is and in 2012 we launched our new generation ‘PRO’ jump. This is now the de facto childrens jump and are renowned for being tough and dependable. Our products are often passed down from sibling to sibling, each user adding to their course, often during Christmas or Birthdays. You will see Mini-Jumps in the straw at the front of muddy pony trailers at Gymkhanas and in the hallways of prestige city town houses.

In a time when technology makes it a tempation for kids to stay indoors and as childhood obesity rates become of serious concern, Mini-Jumps are a catalyst for that magical thing that smashes through social barriers and brings together children everywhere - fun.

Occassionally imitated, but never beaten, we will never compromise on our products function to entertain kids and encourage their fitness dependably and safely. That is why Mini-Jumps are designed and made in England from UK and European components and all individually checked by hand.

The original Mini-Jumps ‘Classic’ prototype

Poppy, our amazing hovering dog with the prototype MAX ‘Classic’

TThe latest Mini-Jumps ‘PRO’. Fully adjustable jump rests and weatherproof