Mini-Jumps make a great theme for a party. Everyone will have great fun just taking turns to jump over your jumps, but if you would like some extra challenges, here are a few of the most popular Mini-Jumps games...

CLEAR ROUND Everyone completes the course and the person with the least jumps knocked down wins. If everyone gets a clear round, raise the crossbars slightly and repeat.

TIMED Everyone goes as fast as they can, but every crossbar knocked down (a ‘fault’) adds 1 second to your time. Shortest time wins. Download a score sheet from our downloads section or use the official Mini-Jumps score pad.

CHASE ME CHARLIE Everyone runs together, one behind the other. It helps with co-ordination and teamwork but watch out, crashes tend to be big!

POSE For expert jumpers - you have to strike a pose as if a model whilst in mid air over each jump.

KANGAROO Set your crossbars low and then complete the course with your feet together, hopping like a Kangaroo.

SUDDEN CRUNCH Set your crossbars low and everyone completes a round. Keep increasing the height until someone knocks a crossbar off - they’re out! The rest of the players continue until the last person without a fault is the winner.

UNDEROVER Set your crossbars high on every other jump. Then everyone has to go over the first jump and UNDER the second. Keep moving the crossbar down with each clear round until everyone is crawling under the low ones!

RELAY If you have a lot of players, split into two teams and then half of your team waits at one end of the course and half at the other. Use a Mini-Jumps flag or a tennis ball and take it in turns to jump the course, carrying the flag and handing it to the next jumper until all the team has completed the course.

FLAG RESCUE Plant a Mini-Jumps flag or a tennis ball at the end of your jumping area. Competitors start at the other and have to jump the course, run and collect a flag and return over the course carrying the item. If there is more than one person per team, add a flag/ball for each.